The journey begins


On an autumn day I visited this cottage in a sleepy Bedfordshire village and knew my husband and I were going to buy it. It screamed out to be loved again as it had been for 150 years. The cottage was built in 1863 by the Duke of Bedford for his agricultural workers. The Duke of Bedford wanted a new modern comfortable life for his employees and designed spacious, solid brick cottages, comprising a kitchen, living room with fireplace and two bedrooms with fireplaces. Outside was a brick built washroom and toilet, a Well and victorian drains underground. A wonderful feature was substantial gardens to grow their own vegetables.
This cottage has a quarter of an acre back garden and a piggery, which has been used as a garage.
The house has been in a 1960-70’s timewarp and now I plan to restore it and recreate a cosy, simple home for my husband and I and our two dogs.
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