After alot of stroking, gently pulling taut the new fabric, tacking and cutting; the beautiful natural 100% Wool, Scottish Mills Herringbone  design finally begins to fit and shape my once unloved wobbly legged chair. The colour isn’t quite right here but it is a kind of pebble grey. I can’t believe how soft the fabric feels. Imagine how hubby will feel snuggled up on his fireside chair, drinking tea and watching the dancing flames. Only a few weeks until christmas when this chair has to be finished and delivered home. Getting the folds was tricky for a first timer but my fairy upholstery genious is only a few steps away ready to assist and advise.


A little more work on folding the fabric to create the diamond shapes on the inside of the chair. They have to look even. Then the fun bit is to attach the buttons.


Take an upholstery needle, thread your thread through your lovely handmade button, then temporarily secure using the magic upholsterer’s knot.


My fabulous handmade button covered with tartan wool fabric. Making buttons is very therapeutic.
Gradually my chair is renewed, refreshed and loved.


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