Spring 2016 in our cottage garden has been serendipitous because last year at this time, we had just moved in to our cottage and the garden was overgrown with brambles, nettles and ivy. We had so much work to do in the house however we did our best to clear some of the ‘wilderness’ and then left the brambles to ramble over winter. Early February this year we began to tackle the weeds, design new borders and we planted new perennials,  fruit bushes and trees. It has been most enjoyable watching some of the original cottage garden plants and blossom surprise us with a beautiful display of colour. These plants have also given us an indication of what type of plants will grow in specific areas of the garden.
The following photo, maybe difficult to visualise, however it shows the initial planting of cottage borders, a herbarium and flower cutting garden. There will be a lavender scented border around a seating area too. I am really looking forward to sitting reading my book surrounded by beautiful smelling plants. I forgot to say that there will be a small raised bed for me to experiment growing Swiss chard, squashes, beans,rhubarb, lettuces and courgettes. It will develop into a vegetarian’s  kitchen garden. Note this area is only a small area of the garden, there is an orchard in development, a fruit garden and a lawned area with herbaceous borders. Over the the last few weeks hubby and I have worked tremendously hard in the garden and already our 1/3 acre plot is taking shape.



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