I’ve spent most of midsummer in the garden, temporarily abandoning rhe armchair I’ve been reupholstering. Over the last two weeks I’ve returned to Maria’s workshop to complete my project. Sometimes it’s good to give a project a rest, so you can come back with new enthusiasm and new ideas. As you can see by the picture,  the outside arms have been almost completed apart from a little bit of sewing where you can see the pins on the photo bottom left. I have also fitted the front of the seat in the beautiful ‘Moon’ wool check. One of the trickiest pieces of work was to sew the button pleats with a curved needle; my fingers became really sore and it was difficult sewing tiny stitches so that they were invisable. All done now! The next task was to fit the webbing on the seat. This is tricky because the webbing must be tightly fixed because it supports the seat and your bottom! See photo top left.

I am loving my winter armchair, it will look lovely next to John’s armchair. Next time I will be completing the fitting of the arms and making the seat. I’m getting there! And there maybe time to reupholster my footstool before Xmas.

I’m thinking about reupholstering this comfy footstool in the same ‘Abraham Moon’  check fabric. It should take half a day and will look fab in front of the new winter armchair.


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