Art studio up and running!

Gradually I am moving my artist materials and equipment into the  log cabin art studio, which is situated about half way down our large garden.  We purchased most of the vintage furniture from our local auction as I wanted a homely, eclectic feel to my studio. My husband bought me the printing press from an antique shop in Ampthill called the Emporium, for Christmas.  I have basic heating and lighting and when our home extension is built I will have everything I need.

I am really enjoying having my own space. I pop down when I like, make a cup of tea, ponder my art books, sketch, write in my studio diary or just watch the birds on the feeders, the sun going down, cloud formations, bees on the flowers or listening to the rustling of leaves, or the cockeral next door. It is just so magical!

The Aquilegia or Columbine Is a beautiful fairylike plant which just loves growing in  our garden. I love its delicate petals and the colours are faded and old fashioned. I decided to pick a few blooms for the studio to do loose watercolour painting cameos, which I will add glazes to later on, or I may just leave them looking fresh and delicate. 

The colours haven’t photographed well, however hopefully you’ll get the essence!


Progress in the cottage garden

We have been working hard to make the garden look colourful and working on the structure. 

My husband has now got his greenhouse up and running and my seedlings and tomoato plants are enjoying the warmth. Hubs has started to dig vegetable beds and raised beds for the veg growing Iin the greenhouse. It is all very experimental.

As you can see, I now have my studio where I can write, paint, do printmaking, upholstery or just enjoy quiet moments. 

It’s wonderful to spend time in the garden, working or pottering about listening to the birds bees and butterflies. 

The roses are coming out too! Unfortunately the frost has taken many young plants including three acers! Our peach tree has a fungus which is a shame, although apparently it will bear fruit. I hope so because the peaches are wonderful. 

I am currently working on various watercolours and prints which I’ll show you hopefully soon. I am so proud of hubby for managing to create this beautiful haven, he is working full time too! We are both looking forward to his retirement in tge fairly near future fingers crossed!

We have today had a little rain, but not enough to fill our waterbutts! I hope you are enjoying your gardens or green spaces around you. Happy weekend to come. 🙂