We’ve just had an unbelievably hot week, or more. Everyday I have been up early watering the garden and greenhouse before taking the dogs for their walk. I am really enjoying the garden now as it is a joy to see plants I’ve grown from seed flourish and last year’s plants particularly Dahlias appear. I love the variety of colour and textures in the garden. The oriental poppies as have wild poppies been spectacular, I love watching their delicate papery petals dancing in the breeze. When they are backlit by the sun in late afternoon they look stunning.  This year we decided to buy garden furniture so we can sit with a cup of tea or a meal, watching the visiting birds swooping about, landing on a hoe or garden fork, they can be comical. Goldfinches are beautiful birds.  We are proud of our garden, it has a long way to go but it is  like an artist’s canvas turning into nature’s theatre. You can’t beat it! 

I hope you’re all having a good week. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Down the garden path

      1. Thank you Sue. We can’t see our garden from the house so when we go outside beyond our courtyard and walk down the garden path the garden is always full of surprises. I’ve read that you and hubby are transforming your garden at the moment. I look forward to seeing your summer garden. How exciting!

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      2. Yes, nothing major, but its been in need of a revamp for years.. So hope I have some old photos some where as to what it was before as I forgot to take the before photos lol


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