Playing with colour and design

I love the Cynara structural plant, looming like a giant thistle. I can see so many shapes and textures.

Back in the Studio, I began playing with oil pastels, water and made marks with sticks and sponges. Sometimes it can be a simple moment in the garden which gives inspiration. I’m glad it’s cooler now so that I can pop in and out of the Studio, however there’s never enough time!

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Painting in the style of Kandinsky

Yesterday I attended a painting workshop. We used acrylics and designed our Painting and styled our palette on the Artist Kandinsky’s works. I was totally out of my comfort zone using bright colours however Kandinsky’s interest in spiritual and evoking mystery and atmosphere inspired me to paint this canvas, untitled at the moment!

Lingering sultry spring day

Lingering on a sultry spring day,

Mesmerized by the shimmering gentle woodland light;

Silky Buttercups bob about grinning!

Apple blossom petals float like magical letters from fairies of wisdom onto the lush green floor;

Dandelion seeds flutter through tree nymph doors, under Hawthorn blossom garlands cascading into a hushed darkness

Where a tiny sprinkling of piercing blue periwinkles blink faraway in the memory of dew.

Rainy baking afternoons.

A rainy spring afternoon is ideal for searching through your store cupboards for baking ingredients. I found freeze dried Raspberries and ground almonds and decided to concoct a recipe for teatime. I’ve now had a couple of small slices; the cake is moist, tasty and light.

Raspberry loaf cake

A big thank you to Sue Dreamwalker for inspiring me to get baking again. She sent me her delicious Rhubarb crumble recipe which has I inspired me to make a successful gluten and dairy free crumble topping.😘

2 cups self raising gluten free flour

1/2 cup of ground almonds (optional)

1tsp gf baking powder

1/2 tsp Xanthan gum

1 1/4 cup of sugar or alternative such as coconut sugar

1/2 cup of dairy free spread

1 egg

1 tsp Vanilla essence

1 cup of almond milk

1 1/2 cups of fresh or freeze dried(reconstituted in hot water)

170°C/ 350F

Sift dry ingredients except sugar into a large bowl.

Cream spread with sugar, add egg, milk and vanilla extract.

Fold in the flour mix.

Fold in gently the raspberries.

Spoon into a lined and greased loaf tin

Cook for 40 mins but check after 35. Use a metal skewer to check the cake is cooked through. The skewer should come out clean if it is ready.

Cool completely before lifting out of the tin.

Enjoy with a cup of Earl Grey or Afternoon Tea blend.

Paintbrush spring

In the Studio I have been snatching sleepy. Sunday afternoons to play with watercolours, dreaming of bluebell woods and spring flowers. These paintings are work in progress, hopefully I’ll finish them soon.

How have you been spending sleepy Sundays?

Fox in a wintry wood.

 This linocut print was the result of a workshop I did last weekend. Sometimes it is good to work alongside other artists. It was inspired by a lovely experience in Cople wood, or I like to call it the magic, or fairy wood. The little wood does have a magical atmosphere. One day we were out walking when  we saw this young fox peering at us. It was a special moment I always wanted to recreate the image in my head. I hope you enjoy it. I may make a smaller version for cards.

Summer colour

Mid summer here we come with an abundance of flowers in the garden to enjoy. I particularly love scented roses in delicate pinks or hot orange and yellow calendulas and  zinnias. Yarrow which is beautifully structural has replaced the poppies and dahlias are very cheerfu!

Enjoy a little taste of our country garden and lets hope the wweather is kind to us this week. 🙂

Down the garden path

We’ve just had an unbelievably hot week, or more. Everyday I have been up early watering the garden and greenhouse before taking the dogs for their walk. I am really enjoying the garden now as it is a joy to see plants I’ve grown from seed flourish and last year’s plants particularly Dahlias appear. I love the variety of colour and textures in the garden. The oriental poppies as have wild poppies been spectacular, I love watching their delicate papery petals dancing in the breeze. When they are backlit by the sun in late afternoon they look stunning.  This year we decided to buy garden furniture so we can sit with a cup of tea or a meal, watching the visiting birds swooping about, landing on a hoe or garden fork, they can be comical. Goldfinches are beautiful birds.  We are proud of our garden, it has a long way to go but it is  like an artist’s canvas turning into nature’s theatre. You can’t beat it! 

I hope you’re all having a good week. 🙂

Art studio up and running!

Gradually I am moving my artist materials and equipment into the  log cabin art studio, which is situated about half way down our large garden.  We purchased most of the vintage furniture from our local auction as I wanted a homely, eclectic feel to my studio. My husband bought me the printing press from an antique shop in Ampthill called the Emporium, for Christmas.  I have basic heating and lighting and when our home extension is built I will have everything I need.

I am really enjoying having my own space. I pop down when I like, make a cup of tea, ponder my art books, sketch, write in my studio diary or just watch the birds on the feeders, the sun going down, cloud formations, bees on the flowers or listening to the rustling of leaves, or the cockeral next door. It is just so magical!

The Aquilegia or Columbine Is a beautiful fairylike plant which just loves growing in  our garden. I love its delicate petals and the colours are faded and old fashioned. I decided to pick a few blooms for the studio to do loose watercolour painting cameos, which I will add glazes to later on, or I may just leave them looking fresh and delicate. 

The colours haven’t photographed well, however hopefully you’ll get the essence!